Wesak Full Moon, May 18-19, 2019
Wesak Full Moon, May 18, 2019 🕊💖🙏🐶🐾🧘‍♀️
Inconditional Love & Peace. Gratitude & Freedom. Joy & Celebrations. Those are the energies of this sweet and loving full moon. ❤️🌝
In those times of transformation, slow down and take your time...
1. For gratitude 🙏
Take your time to observe how far you have come already. Even in hard times, you can find in yourself reasons to be grateful.
Send this gratitude to the ones you love. Feel how warm you get inside.
2. For celebrations & joy 🐶
Take your time to play and enjoy what is now. Dance and sing, celebrate the joy of being alive.
If you have pets, observe their simplicity. They love you inconditionnaly. They eat, they sleep, they play and they give and receive affection freely. They are not afraid to ask for what they need.
Come back to this simplicity of life. Play with your kids, with your friends, with your partner.
3. For patience 🐾
Take your time to bring peace and trust in your relationships, in your projects, in yourself. Prrepare the ground slowly, plant new seeds for long term and trust. A three does not grow in one night. If you feel lost, it is part of the cycle, look for inspiration and new ideas.
Being patient is an Art. The art of trusting, letting go and coming back to yourself and what is in your plate now 🙏
We wish you a blissful Full Moon,
Your Cupi' Team
Photo : Beautiful Sandra (and her cute puppy Lola) wearing Seamless Aura Blue leggings and top by one of our top designers Moonchild Yoga Wear.

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