New Moon in Taurus, May 5, 2019 ♉ Build new foundations ❤

This new moon in Taurus offers an opportunity to change your foundations. From outside support to inside solidity. To come back to yourself and find this space deep inside where you can find security, protection and stability from your inner self.

It invites you to connect deeply to Earth, to your instinct, and to balance your root chakra (at the basis of your spine) to be more grounded and focused. Trees can only grow from a solid ground, right? 🌱

Seak your new balance from within. So your true identity can emerge and blossom to its full potential.

No more masks of adapting to others to please them or to be loved. No more masks of codependance.You are already loved, loving and lovable. You are already an amazing plant able to expand and give fruits. ❤

Get ready to go out of your comfort zone. No more "feeling stuck or afraid". You are strong like a bull. Remember it.

But first, take your time to build those new roots and see what is already there inside you. No rush is needed there. Patience and care are required.

Meditate, dance alone with sensuality and listen to flamenco music or tribal rythmes. Wear shades of red and brown, colors of magma, of passion and earth. Dive into your roots, connect to your intuition and to your mystery.

We wish you a wonderful and creative new moon,

Your Cupi' Team.

Photo above : Aniram67 (Marina Sturino)

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