Full Moon in Libra, April 19, 2019 🦋🌝⚖️🕎
Are you ready for transmutation?
Processing, digesting, converting, grieving, resurrecting, elevating, breathing.... do you feel the movement of transformation inside you and around you ?
Transformation is life. Life is movement. Breathing. Receiving and giving. A perfect balance. Either you resist or accept, change is occuring and will occur anyway. In your relationships with others, in your relationship with yourself.
Maybe you feel tensions already. In your body or on different levels. It might feel uncomfortable. It does not have to be painful. You might act or react impulsively. Maybe you feel you deserve more or better, maybe you are tired to give and over give.
Enough is enough.
This full moon is an opportunity to wake up and to appreciate your own value, to express your limits to others and to say YES to yourself. You are both human and divine. It is time to connect to the human part of you which has all the space to receive from your divine, from the universe. Let go of the fears and resentment blocking the way... you will be fine.
You deserve kindness. You deserve respect. You deserve care and love. And by recognizing it deeply, without seeking for outside validation, your relationships will align accordingly.
Do not be afraid. You are not loosing this friend or this family member. Your relationship is transforming as you are evolving yourself. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. And other people and energies are coming your way.
In this time of turbulances, take time to dance, to create, to meditate in order to support this change and transmute old energies and bonds that no longer serve you. Drink water and move your body. Be gentle with yourself.
We wish you a beautiful Easter,
And a peaceful Good Friday,
Your Cupi' Team.

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