Ukwu Dance

African theme dance outfits

Ukwu Dance is made by Afro-Italian dancers with a passion with fashion and African Art.

They created the first active wear collection of African theme leggings and crop tops for dancers, by dancers. With colorful dance activewear, they aim to bring happiness and positive vibes in the world, and to express the joy of movement and the heart of life dancing carries within.

You will find below a selection of colorful and resistant leggings, perfect for Kizomba, Bachata, Salsa as well as for fitness, zumba or simply stretching with colorful patterns!

Buying Ukwu Dance on Cupidanza, you contribute to a better world. Ukwu dance donate 10% of their profit to "Mother and Child foundation" a charity supporting research and community action towards good health and proper education for both women and children.

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