New moon in Aries, April 5, 2019 ♈️
New moon in Aries ♈️ Feel your inner fire grow 🔥 Open to reveive 🌻
"Sit down and take a deep breath. Do you feel you are alive? Do you realize this is already a miracle? Do you feel the flow of energy, is it through anxiety or excitement?
You will be fine. Relax. This is a new beginning. Let your heart guide you. Stop fighting or searching or hoping. And start listening and receiving.
Forget about your dreams, your goals, your intentions for a while and just be there, close your eyes and sit down by your inner fire. Fuel it slowly. Watch the flames dance in the wind. Let them grow and warm you from inside. You are alive, and life is full of surprises. Let it be, let it come, open your hands to receive your own mysterious secrets.
This new moon in Aries sets the first page of a new chapter in your life, where what is aligned with your heart will expand and what is not will be transformed anyway. Look at your inner fire and throw in it what you do not need anymore. Dance around it and invite life to show you what your heart really wants. You will see images, maybe animals or objects. Let them come. You do not need to understand now. Deep inside you know. You do know.
So just dance for the Sun, for the fire, for the light... and the truth will shine through. Joy and gratitude will eventually show up and relieve you.
You are unique and you have something to bring to this world : your own flavour and your essence...
We wish you a wonderful new cycle to blossom to your full potential,

And we send you plenty of good vibes !
Your Cupi' Team

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