5 Things you did not know about Michael Jackson

Happy to share with you today some infos you probably didn’t know about the King of Pop... :)

1. Michael Jackson won more Awards than any other artist. The King of Pop has 23 Guinness World Records!

2. He earns more money than any other dead artist. In the first year after Michael Jackson’s death alone, his estate earned him $1 billion.

3. Michael Jackson loved Mexican food (a good burrito and some tacos were his favorites!).

4. He has a Grammy Record. Michael Jackson won more Grammys than any other person in a single year (In 1984, he won eight Grammys)!
5. The “Thriller” costumes weren’t fancy at all. In fact, the costumes used in “Thriller” videoclip came from the Salvation Army. 
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Michael Jackson on stage
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