10 Signs you are addicted to (dance) shoes 👠❤️
  1. You plan your outfit from the shoes up, not the other way round. 🥿
  2. You own the same pair of shoes in different colours. Because if you find your perfect pair, might as well. 👡
  3. You genuinely get excited about shoe storage at Ikea. That Ställ cabinet? Come to mama! 👢
  4. Forget cabin luggage, when you travel, you need an extra suitcase for your shoes. 👟
  5. A pair of shoes is more often the first thing you buy when you get paid each month. 🙈
  6. You get a bit irritated when your mother/partner/roommate comments, ‘ANOTHER pair of shoes? Don’t you have enough already?’. Clearly. Not. 
  7. The first thing you notice on a date is what shoes he’s wearing. 🥾
  8. You will freely admit you have heels you can’t wear, ever, because they’re too high. But they’re so pretty, why would you ever get rid of them? 👠
  9. Rainy days give you cold sweats. You just can’t deal with the catastrophe of wearing the wrong shoes. 🙉
  10. You have no preference: Heels, ballet pumps, mules, trainers, you love them all! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💖

👠 More signs of your passion for shoes on Marie Claire UK 👠

Photo : Anna Kern by Werner Kern 

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