The healing choregraphy of a mermaid

Julie Gautier is a talented young French woman. Free diving champion and film director, she is also a wonderful dancer.

In the video below, we appreciate how she explores feminity and grace with a long and complex choregraphy underwater that invites the viewer to imagine his or her own story and interpretation. 

We love the movement of her hair flying in the water, giving the feeling she is a true goddess. Her free, yet precise moves contrast with the melancholic melody, like she is freing herself from pain, or like she is offering her Art out of her guts... Is it about grieving, is it about the sorrows from a loss ? The delicate allusion to perinatal bereavement and the beauty of her work shows intimate feelings can be express and healed through Art and Dance...

In short we love this poetic, original and challenging way of dancing. What about you, what does it inspire you? 

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