Super Full Moon & Spring Equinox of March 2019 - Ritual

Happy Full Moon, Super Moon and Spring Equinox ! 🌝🌞🌱🌷🐦

Welcoming the moon and sun lights in our life ☯️ 
☯️ Aligning intuition and action...

Yesterday night a Super Full Moon (2:43am Paris time) in Libra has follown Spring Equinox (10pm) in the northern hemisphere, inviting us to find harmony within us and towards others 🌙 We are entering Spring, the season of light, of new beginnings, new chapters, new projects, new people in our life, new travels... 🦋 So before this whole wave of changes, it is important to tune in and find our balance, to feel grounded and aligned for whatever comes next. 
You will jump higher from a stable ground  🐰

Here is a ritual for the 1st Full Moon of Spring and Summer 2019 which is also the 3rd Super Moon of 2019 🌙
We hope it helps you find your balance with grace and ease :

1- ⭐️ Embrace what is. 
Take a moment in the sun or in the wind and close your eyes to feel fully what is around you and embrace it. Take a deep breath and shake your body to sqeeze the old energies out of you. It is the best moment to practice yoga or dance with all your soul, body and heart !

2 - ⭐️ Invite gratitude.
Grab a white sheet of paper and write down everything you are grateful for in each area of your life and the relationship you have toward them : Home, Love, Job, Friendships, Family, Finances, Health, Passion or Hobbies... and so on. It should take you one hour max.

While doing so, negative aspects of your life may pop up, let them come and let them go, and only write the ones warming your heart. We always have reasons to feel lucky about something or someone including in the hardest times...

3 - ⭐️ Honor your creativity in a playful way.
Dance, paint, draw, cook, sing, do gardening, write a poem, knit... whatever you choose, please do not be complexed about not being an artist or not good enough, just try something new and have fun like a kid! It is not about performance but rather pleasure.

Spring is the season of fertility, of creation, of growth, of love. Nourish this space inside you... 🐣

4 - ⭐️ Balance water and fire elements around you.
🔥 Light a candle for all the things you went through in the past years, see how brave you have been. Spend time quietlly watching the flame dance. Think about something that would trully make you happy right now and visualize it happening during at least 20 seconds. 

💧 Drink a lot of water, take a warm bath or shower focusing your attention on the feeling of the water running down your skin.

5 - ⭐️ Spend time alone to meditate.
We have tried this guided meditation for you, it is quite nice and short.

Guided Meditation For Full Moon in Libra & Spring Equinox (March 2019)

Let us know in comments what are YOUR rituals or tips,

We wish you a promising and inspiring season ! 🙏

Your Cupi's team 💖

Cupidanza 💃 For Blossoming Dancers

Photo and leggings : Moonchild Yoga Wear - one of our favourite designers and partners!

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