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KEVIN "El Bachatero"                                                                                                                   Innovative Director

         From the past 7 years, Kévin has been trained as versatile dancer in Carribean Dance Style & Culture including Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Cuban rythms, Ballroom, Chacha, Gafieira, Carribean & Brazilian Zouk, Kizomba, Semba... thanks to a variety of teachers.                                                         He has been a dancer of "The Art Dream Dance Cie" directed by Jean Claude Occo, the company where everything start for him. Introduced first has a salsa dancer, he fall in love with Bachata and start to train extensively in congress & Master Classes with best including Jorge Burgos "Ataca" & Tanja Kensinger "La Alemana", Troy & Jorget, Frank Santos, Carlos Cinta, Jorge Contreras, Korke & Judith... but also in salsa with Leon Rose, Terry & Cecile, Adolfo, Juan Matos, Eddie Torres, Yamulee...
  2 years after his debut, his desire to share his knowledge started to come up and Kévin started teaching bachata & salsa in night club and parties in Paris. Covering all aspects in all style, Kévin is always ensuring that the fundamentals are mastery ; he put a strong emphasis on basics and musicality in his class that are the key elements for the social dancers to evolve. He want every dancers to think their body as an instrument to feel the music and connect to their partner to share the love of dancing.
Thanks to 5 years of experience, Kévin has taught in numerous dance school in Paris including Studio Massaro, Cothidanse or Salsa Show and is nowadays teaching in International congress such as Paris or Lyon Bachata Festival.

Today, Kévin is the director of the Paris Touch Team, member of Island Touch Dance Academy